how different would the world be

If more interactions between people reflected quality coaching conversations?

We think it would be very different as coaching conversations are unlike nearly any other…for starters, you are truly listened to, fully seen, heard and understood, never judged, rarely interrupted and not told what to do! How often do you experience that in everyday life?

Symmetry & Simplicity

  • The coaching relationship is founded in partnership, presence and perceptive questions. Enabling the emergence of awareness and solutions. Trust in the process and trust in yourself.


Space, Stillness & Silence

  • A coach holds an attentive, still, calm space strengthened by silence. This facilitates quality of thought and reflection allowing intuition and inspiration to emerge.
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Support, Safety & Stretch

  • A coach negotiates the paradox of being a confidante, cheerleader, challenger and commitment partner. Supporting psychologically safe steps beyond current realities and comfort zones. Enabling evolution through new or expanded insights, possibilities, pathways or professional and personal growth.

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What is coaching?



That unearths insights and answers, taps into reflections and resources and unlocks steps forward towards an alternative future. This all nestles inside us already and the coaching process just brings it to the surface. Very importantly, coaching also helps us get out of our own way…A trait we can agree is particularly strong and present in nearly all humans!

“The human mind seems to work best in the presence of reality. The brain that contains the problem probably also contains the solution. If the conditions are right, the huge intelligence of the human being surfaces. Ideas seem to come from nowhere & sometimes stun us.”
Nancy Kline
Founder of 'Time to Think'

The Gift of Coaching

Is when a  coach simultaneously negotiates the paradox of being your confidente, cheerleader, challenger and commitment partner. Changing hats to support your evolution by evoking professional, personal and interpersonal awareness, clarity and growth. Facilitating new or expanded ways of thinking, feeling and engaging with your life and in your world.

Helping you navigate towards your version of a remarkable, meaningful professional and personal life. A future fuelled by vitality, wellbeing and resilience and underpinned by the confidence and resources not only to live it, but to sustain it.

I approached Simon as I wanted some help with growing my business. SImon was amazing - a fantastic listener, and able to help me reframe so many beliefs I had there were ultimately getting in my way.
During our sessions I gained clarity around what I really wanted, as opposed to what I thought I wanted and was able to see things with a different perspective.
Simon asked me such powerful questions and also recommended tools and exercises I could do myself to help me, all of which are incredibly useful. Thank you so much Simon. I would definitely recommend you!

our coaching approach

explore the present & face the future

Enabling awareness and acceptance of the “what is” of today whilst evolving a blueprint and direction of travel for people’s tomorrow.

wellbeing, resilience & engagement

Enables individuals, teams, organisations to grow, connect with their unique strengths and genius.

intentional & purposeful conversations

 Which can be challenging at times and often creates the biggest steps beyond current realities and comfort zones. It opens up new perspectives, expanded possibilities to different realities. 

Coaching is not an alternative to therapy. Please see our Talking Therapy page

Acknowledge our in-built defence system

Of self-doubt, anxiety, resistance or fear and support the individual to work with it. To avoid being held back or remain stuck in their current professional, personal or organisational status quo.

tailored to the individual, team, organisation requirements

Each individual is unique and therefore so is the way we work. We always discuss options and ideas for the most effective approach or blend of service.

""We are all humans first and employees / managers / leaders / business owners second.

How people feel can truly impact how an individual functions and an organisation performs

And, you also probably wonder 

How does it work?

Connected Ape’s coaching programs are:

  • Customized and tailored to each client’s unique needs.
  • Typically span 4-12 months with varying session frequencies.
  • Sessions last approximately 45-60 minutes.
  • Offered online or in-person.
  • Include additional exercises and activities for in-between sessions to enhance progress.
  • We recommend the most suitable approach or blend of services to maximize value for each individual, team, or organization’s growth and development.

Always happy to explore how we could help

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Sustain & Prevent
crash & Repair

In an ideal world, the “Sustain & Prevent” approach is most effective, boosting resilience, wellbeing, and mental fitness. It equips individuals or teams with tools and mindsets for future challenges.

However, we also support those facing chronic stress or burnout with a “Post-Crash & Repair” approach, helping them recover and regain resilience. Note that this approach may extend the coaching assignment’s

Challenging Perspectives & Enabling shifts

The majority of our 1-2-1 coaching involves purposeful conversations in workplace settings, off-site locations, or through video calls. However, we enjoy adding a creative touch with occasional interactive activities to maintain the coaching experience’s freshness, fun, and challenge.

A blend of deep, thought-provoking discussions and interactive activities is well-suited for group and team coaching. Whether coaching individuals or groups, diversifying styles and approaches often liberates individuals to break free from their current mindset, emotions, and behaviors, facilitating growth and evolution toward a different or expanded future.

Changing the coaching dynamics or environment can also stimulate new ways of thinking, feeling, and being. It sparks insights, encourages creativity, reveals solutions, and offers alternative perspectives on situations. That’s why we’re comfortable conducting some sessions while walking, in nature, or in other inspiring locations.

what our clients say......

Kind natured with an incredible ability to hold the space and help you find your own answers.
Bernadette is an amazing therapeutic coach. She's helped me get over limiting beliefs and given me the confidence to launch my business.
She has something about her, where you feel like she is truly giving you the time and space to think but also has an incredibly supportive nature. She asks all the right questions, helping you to find your own answers.

I had my first experience of a ‘coach and walk’ session with Simon. He coached me on the phone whilst I was in my garden. Simon encouraged me to pay attention to what was going on around me and I was asked to explain what I was noticing and experiencing. This approach helped me to be present in the moment which in turn led me to feel in a much calmer state to be able to address my problem I needed to work on..

This approach to problem solving was incredibly helpful as I felt one step removed and was able to come up with solutions from a place of objectivity. I would highly recommend Simon, his approach is very person centred as he takes time to get to know you, really understand what you need - even though you don't always know that yourself!