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Hands up, if you’ve read a self help book or listened to a well being podcast. You are probably familiar with the wealth of knowledge you gain from their fantastic insights and ideas. But, the real challenge lies in implementing those insights into your life.

How many of you have applied these learnings?

How many are now part of your normal life? If you’re hands went down, so did Connected Ape’s  – you’re not alone. This is fairly normal.

Workshops offer a cognitive breath of fresh air

When our clients who attend our workshops “step away from their desk”, their daily routine and their to-do-list, it changes the dynamics of their day. This can help reduce the stress and emotional load on their Limbic Systems, making them more relaxed, open to learning and ready to engage with new information, people and perspectives. We prefer to keep content delivery varied, interactive and suited to different learning styles. This can include splitting into break out rooms with 1 or two others, lively plenary discussions for the whole group and more hands on, creative or physical activities to keep the learning fresh and interesting.

Employee Wellbeing in Worthing, Brighton and online

supporting workshops

With coaching or therapeutic coaching. For those individuals who want to implement the learnings into their lives. We believe and research supports, learning is most effective when combined with practical application and ongoing guidance.

"I loved the work shop about resilience, that I took part in run by Bernadette. We were provided a safe space to voice our thoughts and feelings. Bernadette is warm, open and delivered a workshop that was informative and fun.

I came away feeling more positive than I thought I would and realised that I was more resilient than I thought I was. Thank you Bernadette."

Employee resilience

CIPD Report - Employee resilience: An evidence review 2021

Employee Resilience

“Resilience helps employees protect and recoup their personal resources at work, which in turn protects them from problems like psychological distress, emotional exhaustion and burnout”

The outcomes that resilience is most strongly related to are:

1. Wellbeing.

2. Psychological Stress.

3. Proactive Work Behaviour.

4. Creative Behaviour.

5. Commitment to Change.

6. Performance.

(In-role ‘task’ performance or extra-role ‘contextual’ performance/‘organisational citizenship behaviour’ – OCB).

7. Work Engagement.

8. Organisational Commitment.

9. Burnout, Emotional Exhaustion.

10. Job Satisfaction.


What People Say


Some of the feedback we have received from participants of our workshops dedicated to fostering employee resilience, wellbeing and mental fitness….

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When we 'step away from our desk' it change's the dynamics of the day. This can help reduce stress and emotional load
on the Limbic System which in turn enables us to open to learning, to engage with new information, people an perspectives.

Resilient workshops for employee wellbeing and engagement


Resilience is the bedrock of wellbeing

Explore what resilience is

Raise your self awareness

Understand what happens when we are under pressure

Practice some techniques

Explore how you can weave resilience into your life

Supported by Coaching /Therapeutic Coaching

employee wellbeing workshops

understanding wellbeing

builds on the learnings from the wellbeing workshop

We explore what wellbeing is

Exercise to explore your own emotional needs

Challenging beliefs

Action Plan for what you can do differently

Supported by Coaching /Therapeutic Coaching



Anxiety workshops for employee wellbeing


Anxiety is Normal, useful & you can harness it

We explore what anxiety is

The benefits of it (there are some!)

Connect with your own unique pattern

Tips to deal with the now

Looking to a different future.

Supported by Coaching /Therapeutic Coaching

Talking Therapy can be provided for those struggling with general anxiety disorder.


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say hello to the inner critic

converting the inner critic from a foe to a friend

Understanding Imposter Syndrome

Where does this critic come from

Harnessing the message

How to turn a Foe into a Friend



Supported by Coaching /Therapeutic Coaching


Menopause Workshops

menopause awareness

transitioning through the menopause

Raise awareness and support:

For females transitioning through the menopause

For line-managers & leaders to gain understanding

Can be gender specific groups

Tips & Advice

Supported by Coaching /Therapeutic Coaching

Addiction workshop for employee wellbeing

what is an addiction?

breaking the blame & shame cycle with compassion

Explore what addictions are

The purpose addiction’s serve

Compassionate awareness





Talking Therapy can be provided for those struggling addictions

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conscious eating

Mindful Eating: Nourishing Your Body & Soul

What is Conscious Eating

Identify your own habits

Evolutionary Psychology of Food Habits

Self Compassion

Practical Tips

Supported by Coaching / Talking Therapy for those who want it

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power of language

your words speak volumes

How conscious are you of what you say?

Are your words yours or do they belong to someone else?

Active listening to really hear

The power of self talk


Can be supported with Coaching/ Therapeutic Coaching

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or is there another subject that would be beneficial to you, your team & organisation.


Please connect with us to discuss designing bespoke workshops



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