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Into the human, organisational and societal benefits of Connected Ape’s work – Why Evolving Life in Work through nurturing employee resilience, engagement, wellbeing and mental fitness for human and organisational thriving really matters…

Connected Ape see working life as a positive force for wellbeing. Undeniably humans find achieving meaningful results and navigating careers or organisational life challenging. It can often leave us feeling stretched and stressed.


the average worker lost 38 days of productivity per year due to work-related stress factors.

The above statistic is not surprising as humans have not evolved in the hyper-connected, complex, rapidly changing present-day work environment. Yet work is where many of us commit much of our energy and most of our waking hours. This has profound implications for the wellbeing of employees as well as the performance of their organisations

supporting people’s career wellbeing is the foundation of wellbeing across a person’s “whole life”: Gallup research

“The five key elements of wellbeing are:


– in that order. Career wellbeing is first because Gallup finds that this element is the very foundation of ‘the best possible life.’ Everything starts there.”

Employee “whole life” wellbeing is in turn the key for organisations to thrive.

“We know that engaged employees produce far better

outcomes, but Gallup recently discovered that engaged

workers who are not thriving in their lives are much more

vulnerable and add risk to your organization”. 


Other findings of theirs’ state that: 

“People with high career wellbeing are more than twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall”.


Gallup 2022

Employees who strongly agree that their employer cares about their overall wellbeing are:

3 x more likely to be engaged at work

69% less likely to actively search for a new job

71% less likely to report experiencing burnout

5 x more likely to strongly advocate for their company as a place to work

5 x more likely to strongly agree that they trust the leadership of their orgnaisation

36% More likely to be thriving in their overall lives

This is why

A large part of Connected Ape’s work focuses on the foundational building block of employee career wellbeing and supporting people to “Connect their Ape” to a healthy and human relationship with their working lives and integrating this in a meaningful way with their personal lives and their vision for their future.

Our work improves the chance of people thriving across life as a whole which is obviously good for individuals at the human level but also benefits at the organisational level as well. This has positive impacts for an individual’s inner world and mental fitness as well as their external, interpersonal lives. It improves the quality of their lived experiences and outcomes at work and home.

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