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About us

Connected Ape was founded to help fuel ‘Life in Work’ and to support humans and organisations thrive rather than merely survive.

None of us work or live in vacuums. Nor do we maintain clean and complete compartmentalisation or mental and emotional separation between the different domains of our lives. They are all inextricably linked within each of us and influence how we feel and function across our lives as a whole. 

Supporting resilience, engagement, wellbeing, mental health and mental fitness via the workplace is our purpose. Work is the 2nd largest commitment of time for many people in adult life

By helping people understand how their mind works, providing the support and tools to help them manage their emotions and thoughts has far wider reaching positive impacts than just the individual. It ripples across organisations to clients, to home life to communities and dare we say it to our collective responsibility to the planet.

By improving professional and personal quality of life, we aim to amplify the good that people and organisations bring to the world. We are all apes and connected!

research shows

that career wellbeing is the foundation of a person’s “whole life” wellbeing puzzle. When people feel good at work and home, they function well. Humans and organisations thrive:


"Well-Being has been linked to success

At professional, personal, and interpersonal levels, with those individuals high in well-being exhibiting greater productivity in the workplace, more effective learning, increased creativity, more prosocial behaviours, and positive relationships." Well-being is more than happiness and life satisfaction"

(Ruggeri et al. - 2020).

This is why we founded Connected Ape – Supporting | People |Performance |Purpose | Profit | Planet 

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simon davis

My own career wellbeing, engagement and resilience hotseat played out over 20 plus years in commercially targeted, client relationship focused sales and customer service roles. Scaling start-ups, medium sized enterprises and large FTSE 100 organisations spanning the Employability, Media, Recruitment and Travel sectors exposed me to diverse industries and organisational cultures.

During this time, I was gifted the heavy human responsibility of developing, managing and leading teams of sales people. Humans at the commercial sharp end of companies. Where lives and livelihoods are on a continual knife edge between work output and wellbeing. Juggling metrics and meaning. Searching for performance and purpose. I did not get everything right – sorry team! I learned a lot of lessons. 

My career prior to my training to becoming a coach gave me the opportunity to work in some great companies surrounded by supportive and inspirational colleagues. Yet despite this, we still navigated plenty of challenging events, emotions and experiences. For me, at times these stresses and struggles swung my career wellbeing and mental fitness pendulum back and forth on the continuum between poor and positive. The lowest points impacted how I showed up at work, at home with family and friends and limited the breadth and depth of life that I felt able to lead. I reflect back on a career full of so many valuable lessons, mostly learned the hard way! I now know that a coach would have made a huge difference in my learning, growth and professional and personal evolution.


  • Barefoot Coach Training – Business & Personal Coaching
  • Transactional Analysis 101 
  • Mental Health First Aider
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Mental Wellbeing & Mental Fitness
Coach & Therapist
Master NLP Practitioner


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Bernadette doyle

I’ve had the privilege of working with FTSE 100 companies, leading charities, and various businesses, with the common themes revolving around people and targets.

In the fast-paced, high-pressure world of sales, I’ve experienced both sides of the spectrum – being managed and managing others. I’ve thrived on challenges, connecting with people, immersing myself in their businesses, and enjoying the social aspects of work. However, I’ve also faced the reality of burnout, a pitfall that can easily happen when you’re a high achiever constantly striving for more.

Like so many others, I understand the intricate balance of working life, ongoing personal development, and the responsibilities of being a mother to three. I’ve learned the importance of compassionate self-talk because, ultimately, we’re all doing the best we can – none of us are perfect. The constant juggle of finding what works, especially during the ever-changing summer holidays, has taught me valuable lessons in flexibility and adaptation.

My qualifications as a Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, and Coach have enabled me to help individuals confront the obstacles holding them back and guide them toward the future they desire. I firmly believe that our personal and work lives are intricately intertwined. It’s not just me who thinks this, research backs this up too!

Beyond job titles, salaries, or any other labels people use to define themselves, we are all fundamentally trying our best. We are all human!


  • Master Practitioner in Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistics Programming
  • Resilience & Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Menopause
  • Addictions
  • Anxiety & Panic